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Quality Writing Service

Dr Write

professional English writing services We can write your documents from scratch to your specifications if you are stuck for words or pressed for time.

Why do you need our writing services?

Many people are good at their jobs, but find it difficult to express their ideas fluently in writing. That's where we can help. Our copywriters are all experienced and talented; they enjoy copywriting and take pride in their word skills. Our writers can make your document read as you want it to.

If you already have your document written, try our proofreading services to make sure your documents are error free. Or use our editing services to ensure your documents are clear, concise and effective. We also have legal language experts who provide plain legal language re-writing services.

Our range of writing services

CV writing service
We only get one chance to make a first impression. Let us help you to make sure the first impression you make is a good one. You need our writing service when only the words on the page can speak on your behalf.

Brochure and leaflet writing service
We can create brochures and leaflets that will leave a lasting impression. We will tell your customers and clients exactly what your products and services are. In plain English.

Letter writing service
We can write your customer service letters or standard letters that will make the writer and your organisation appear friendly and helpful, and so that your products and services appear in a positive light. Don't let poorly written letters spoil your professional image.
Would you like to learn how to write effective business letters?

Web content writing service
We can write your web content with key-word rich writing to attract your target audience and for the best search engine results. We can also help with design features for enhanced readability.

Plain English writing service
If we write your document, your reader will understand your document from their first reading. We will make sure that your document is reader-friendly and that there are no alienating words or woolly phrases that will antagonise your reader. Your documents will sound personal and helpful and your services will be portrayed in a positive way. We can also work on important reports, end-user manuals and procedures to make sure they are clear, concise and logically organised.
Would you like to learn how to write in plain English?

One-to-One writing Consultations
We can come to your offices to work alongside you on your document. For this service, we charge an hourly or a project rate, plus our writer's travel expenses. Although this is a more expensive service, by working closely together, we can achieve the tone, voice and factual content you want in a shorter time. This service is suitable for technical and complex documents.

How we charge for our writing service

Free Estimate
The cost depends on the size, complexity and type of document. We think about your target readers and content, and send you a sample of our text with our estimate.

We offer a 10% discount to non-profit organisations, such as local government and charities.

Payment Methods
We accept cheques and banker's drafts in UK sterling, and PayPal.
payment for writing service

What you get

Quality writing service
Professionally written documents that clearly describe your services and products. We write in a tone appropriate for your readers and product.

Speedy writing service
We always try to work to our clients' timescale. Be sure to let us know how quickly you need the text when placing your order.

Writing Format
We can work in any text format. Please let us know when placing your order how you would like the text returned.

Complete satisfaction
We work closely with our clients to make sure that every document we write is appropriate. While we work on your project, we stay in close contact and make sure that we return a document that positively reflects your organisation. We are always happy to make alterations.

We guarantee to treat everything you send us in the strictest confidence. Once we have finished our work on your text, we shred the contents from our system.