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Professional Business Document Writing and Editing Services


professional business document writing and editing services Many people are good at their jobs, but find it hard to express their ideas in writing. We can make sure that your documents accurately and clearly describe your products or services.

Document-Doctor can help you to communicate with your customers and clients concisely and effectively.

Document-Doctor has been producing clear, concise and creative business texts for over 20 years. We deliver quality documents to companies and individuals worldwide. We can edit, proofread or re-write your business documents to make sure that you create the best professional impression.

Writing and Editing Services

If you would like to see how we could improve your document, please remember to include it with your enquiry; we can only give an estimate of cost and show you how we work if we see the piece.

We will return a no-obligation sample edit and let you know how much we would charge to edit all of the text. We treat the content of all documents we receive as confidential.

Proofreading Service
We can make sure your reports, customer service letters and reports are error free, and the ideas are expressed concisely and logically.

Full Editing Service
We offer an in-depth editing and re-writing service for all business document types. We can re-structure your leaflets, manuals, standard letters or customer service letters, to make them concise, clear and effective.

Professional Business Writing Service
You probably know what you want to say, but can't find the right words to convey your message. We can write your documents from scratch to your specifications, in language to suit your product and your customers.

Plain Legal English Editing Services
We re-write legal documents in plain English, making them clear, concise and reader-friendly, and retaining the precise legal meaning and relevance.

Special Services

Premium services
If you are in a hurry to meet an important deadline, we offer a last-minute premium service. Depending on the document length and complexity, we may be able to edit and return it within 24 hours.

One-to-One services
We offer individual and one-to-one in-house writing and editing help. We can come to your offices to work alongside you or your team on your documents. For this service, we charge an hourly rate plus our writer's travel expenses. Although this is a more expensive service, by working closely together, we can achieve the tone and voice you want in a shorter time. This service is suitable for ideas that you find difficult to phrase clearly, such as end-user manuals, and for sensitive documents, for example, customer service letters.

Custom-made guidelines for your business documents
While editing, we can analyse your document and provide you with tailor-made guidelines to help you edit your own documents. We charge an additional fee for this service. We also produce in-house writing style guides for companies.


We guarantee to treat everything you send us in the strictest confidence. We do not keep copies of clients' documents; when our job is done, we shred the originals and edits on our system.

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